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Do you have a technology challenge to solve? Does your company or organization need technical leadership or strategy? Unclear on where to start?

Every business has unique expertise and capabilities, which is used to establish itself as an industry player. HWA helps firms harness what they already know and improve that with technology, which becomes a catalyst for their evolution. Clients are often left not only with a fixed website or an improved business, but also a digital asset that can help them build value.

Our industry experience ranges from advertising and marketing and entertainment, to alternative lending, beauty and cosmetics, to organized labor and not for profit organizations.

Specialty Areas

Small & Middle-Market Firms

Entertainment & Marketing

Not For Profit Organizations

Service Offerings

Digital Strategy

There is an increasingly broad range of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and many other “as a service” business tools available to us to help solve our digital challenges. But which are best for your circumstances and objectives? Is your business built around one such as Salesforce? Is your organization really benefitting or are you and your staff constantly dealing with headaches? At the very least, do you need them to work better with your firm’s website? As a trusted advisor, HWA can help you answer these questions, in addition to opening up new possibilities for getting the best out of your web-based tools.

Product Development

It all begins with an idea. Sometimes driven by necessity, other times by speculation. Product leadership is critical to the success of any product’s launch. We say Think HWA because this is where we have to apply a strategic approach. We can help identify which product(s) to build, which features to prioritize, and in what order.

Custom Application Development

Development is at the core of HWA’s capabilities. We can help you tailor the way your technology serves your business. Does your website need to integrate with your Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Do you need to collect leads in Hubspot? Can your e-commerce system connect to Quickbooks Online? Custom Application Development is at the core of HWA’s capabilities, from small integrations to completely custom builds.

Website Design & Development

In a world where much of what we do is digital, your website is your first impression, e-commerce portal, and customer service hub. HWA can transform your existing website into your firm’s marketing and technology infrastructure nexus and fully optimized to boot.

Instant Offense

Our offerings are designed to generate “instant offense” for clients, and hit the ground running. With every project, we aim to serve as a much-needed addition to any client’s team, either as a trusted technology advisor, design resource, or developer. In addition to technical and creative competency, we understand that our role is centered around communication and service.

A typical client relationship lasts several years because we put service at the core of what we do, and treat every client as a priority. We nurture the growth of every solution we build over time and remain accountable. To take your business beyond today, Think HWA.